groundsman training

TCR's comprehensive four week program includes everything the student needs to hit the ground running in their new career.

Experienced Instructors

TCR students receive training and instruction from qualified instructors with over one hundred years of combined field experience.

job placement & tuition assistance

TCR takes pride in our high job placement results. We’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure opportunities for our graduates.

contacts & locations

Where we’re located, how to contact us and items that you may find interesting about our classes, the place we live and the industry.

TCR Management Group's Mission

TCR's mission is to contribute to the well being of our immediate community and beyond by:

providing the skills, knowledge, and support to position people for long term successful careers

producing a dependable work force to meet employers' needs in a demanding and challenging field

Why a Groundsman?

Great work for outdoors oriented people

Challenging work with a sense of accomplishment

Above average wages

Long term job security and advancement opportunities

Jobs that are not subject to outsourcing

Skilled physical labor keeps you healthy and in shape

See the country – national opportunities for working in other areas

Union and non-union work available

Provides the foundation for those who go on to Lineman training

The TCR Advantage

For the Employer:

  • Qualified, screened, certified employees
  • Documentation needed to start work immediately is provided
  • Taught by experienced field instructors who know the work
  • Shorter learning curves for quicker productivity
  • No need for on site training in basic skills, OSHA compliance, or other required areas
  • Selected for compatibility with specific job opportunities
  • Provision made for orientation during training if desired
  • On going feedback and relationship with training facility to enhance future programs

For the Student:

  • Trained by qualified, experienced instructors who know the field
  • Personal interaction and one on one assistance as needed
  • Certified upon graduation enhancing job opportunities
  • Job placement assistance with reputable employers offering above average wages and future job security
  • Opportunities for advancement in a skilled field not subject to outsourcing
  • Documentation needed to start work immediately is provided
  • Approved WIA and TRA tuition assistance for eligible candidates. Programs are also available for income-based assistance.
  • Klein tools are available for purchase directly from TCR

Hard work, great rewards

  • Graduates of TCR's training programs know they are prepared for the new challenges ahead of them. Our strong training program gives them a solid basis for further achievement in their career.

New direction

  • The accomplishments of our students will demonstrate the value of their training through TCR Management Group. Groundsman training at TCR is an investment that repays for the rest of the student's life. Employers know our program and value the skills and knowledge our trainees possess.

A plan for success

  • Success in life is measured in many ways. TCR Management participates in every student's success by providing them with the tools to shape their future. Our success is measured by the placement of our students in good jobs.