our instructors

TCR students receive training and instruction from qualified instructors with over one hundred years of combined field experience. Students and employers are assured that the skills and knowledge acquired are relative to on-the-job needs.

Doug Atkins

Over 40 years of experience in the field and as safety director. Doug focuses on the vital areas of basic work zone and OSHA Transmission and Distribution class. The student is equipped with the knowledge to ensure compliance and safety in the work zone.

Eddie Reavis

Eddie brings his 20 years of journeyman and foreman experience to the classroom instructing students in the various areas of practical groundsman training. Students learn the what, where, and when of tools, ropes, knots, and wires. The skills acquired can be translated to other fields as well, such as the traffic light division or personal safety and even making sure their boat is secure at the lake.

Greg Hampton

As the Business Development Officer for TCR Management Group, Greg brings 20+ years of business administration, business development, management and customer service experience to the team. Greg oversees expanding and marketing TCR's training program to the community as well as the prospective employers. As company liaison for developing classes within the Virginia Community College system he also handles student recruitment. Greg will be working on expanding the program to new host sites in the surrounding region and adjoining states and private colleges. Greg is a certified personal trainer and brings 25 years of training experience to his role with TCR.

Eddie Spence

Eddie Spence's teaches our 10 OSHA T&D class as well as First Aid & CPR. Eddie brings a diverse background in addition to his certification as an OSHA trainer that includes a BS from Bluefield College, (CLCP) University of Wisconsin, certification as a Smith Driving instructor, Hazardous Waste Management Training (Hazwoper), and transmission hot stick training.

Eddie has worked as a field safety director, general foreman, journeyman lineman, and distribution area supervisor. Eddie brings this 18 years of experience to his training, giving TCR students the benefit of first hand knowledge of work in the field.

Charles Bartlett

After completing the TCR Management class Charles acquired a job with Davis Elliott Company working as a line worker in Maryland, New York and New Jersey. Charles began as instructor at TCR Management in 2010 and has trained over 300 students in the past 3 1/2 years. Charles provides all classroom instruction as well as practical hands on training.


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